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My kids had an absolutely wonderful time in class today. They are dying to come back!

-Bonnie Louden, Parent

It was very evident that the attitudes and educational perspective that informs your work is beautifully child-centered, and approaches what movement, body image and the spirit of performance can be, for maximizing the health and well-being of the young people you and your staff work with.

-Grandparent/Retired Teacher

The technique these dancers have is something to be proud of... great training. These dancers are so clean, and have such chemistry onstage, you can tell they love it.

-Justine Fraser, Cowichan Music Festival Adjudicator - Ballet

"Too often dance instruction focuses on sexualizing or trivializing children, and the framing of life. Your approach is refreshingly the opposite, and developmentally honours children. So, thank you for your supportive methods in engaging kids in the joy of movement and dance."


Warmland Youth Company

What is Youth Company?

The Warmland Youth Company was formed to bring together skilled, committed dancers in an intensive and dynamic choreography-based program. Dancers will train and collaborate in an enriched environment, exclusively with world class choreographers. These dancers are highly driven, build confidence, and develop leadership skills to inspire others through a variety of performances, competitions and workshops. Company members are expected to represent Warmland Dance in the greater community with a positive attitude, and high level of ethic.

What is the Commitment?

Warmland Youth Company members are expected to:

1. Must be available for twice weekly rehearsals as necessary (some dancers will not be required for both weekly rehearsals, as not all members will be dancing in every routine).

2. Enroll in at least one RAD Ballet class, attend at least one offering of Progressing Ballet Technique (PBT) per week, and train in one other subject of their choice. 

3. Dancers may not miss any rehearsals for which they are called, must demonstrate positive attitude, healthy camaraderie, ongoing hard work and commitment to improvement in rehearsals. 

4. Dancers may be asked to step out of a routine with unexcused absence, at the discretion of the choreographer. 


All company members will receive one solo routine included as part of their company fees.

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We are leaders in providing a safe and healthy dance environment. Learn more about our VIHA approved safety plan here.