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2020 Spring Camp &

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It was very evident that the attitudes and educational perspective that informs your work is beautifully child-centered, and approaches what movement, body image and the spirit of performance can be, for maximizing the health and well-being of the young people you and your staff work with.

-Grandparent/Retired Teacher

We tried dance classes in the Valley when my daughter was young and she hated it. Our friends told us to come to Warmland because it was different, and now she can't stop dancing. She's found a passion here!


The kids look so happy on the stage! They aren't stressed out, they are enjoying what they are doing. They feel confident and proud!

-Audience Member

"Too often dance instruction focuses on sexualizing or trivializing children, and the framing of life. Your approach is refreshingly the opposite, and developmentally honours children. So, thank you for your supportive methods in engaging kids in the joy of movement and dance."

-Grandparent/Retired Teacher