B​allet, Lyrical

Students' hair must be worn in a traditional ballet bun at the crown of the head. Bangs must be clipped back off the face. If a female student has short hair, all hair including bangs must be clipped away from the face. The goal is to have the hair off the neckline to allow correct ballet lines, secured in a style that cannot move around. Male students, please make sure hair is gelled and out of face. Headbands are not allowed.


Low ponytail or french braid with bangs clipped off the face. Headbands not allowed.


Dancers may wear their hair in a traditional ballet bun or in a neat high ponytail with bangs clipped off the face. Headbands allowed.




Ballet pink tights, solid colored leotard, full-sole leather or canvas ballet shoes, optional ballet skirt

Kinder, Primary, RAD grades 1-2

Ballet pink tights, pink or black leotard, full-sole leather or canvas ballet shoes, optional ballet skirt

RAD grades 3-8

Ballet pink tights, black leotard, split-sole leather or canvas ballet shoes, optional ballet skirt

Male Dancers

Any student who wishes to do so is invited to wear traditional male ballet attire. Plain white fitted t-shirt, plain black fitted tights or leggings, with black or white sock, black or white leather or canvas ballet shoes

*Notes on ballet attire:

-No holes in ballet tights or leotards

-Warm-up clothing will be allowed at the start of class, and at the teacher's discretion during class in the cold weather. Only fitted "dance" sweaters and fitted leg warmers are allowed

-No loose or baggy clothes (including t-shirts and hoodies) permitted

Attire Continued

Jazz, Acro

Black leotard, jazz shorts

Musical Theatre, Lyrical, Contemporary, Urban Contemporary, Tap

Leotard or top, jazz shorts or fitted leggings

Hip-Hop, Urban Street

Loose fit, comfortable clothing


Jazz - black jazz shoes

Preschool/Kinder Tap - black no-lace tap shoes, patent or matte

Tap - black no-lace or lace-up tap shoes, matte

Contemporary - bare feet and toe undies

Lyrical - nude lyrical shoe

Acro - bare feet

Musical Theater - black jazz shoes

African - bare feet

Hip Hop - non marking indoor runners

*Notes on footwear:

All shoes worn in the dance studio must NOT be worn outside. Please carry all dance shoes into the studio, put your dance shoes on before class begins and change back into street shoes before leaving the studio.

*Additional Notes:

-Personal hygiene (clean body and clothing) must be observed

-No Jewelry (except small stud earrings)

-Dangling earrings and hoops are strictly forbidden due to safety

-No necklaces, bracelets/watches allowed

-No belly tops in youth classes

-If applicable, female dancers should wear appropriate undergarment support under leotard

-For the safety of all dancers, if eyeglasses are needed, please attach with a sports strap (contacts are highly recommended for the more advanced dancer as an alternative to glasses)