*Updated COVID 19 protocols as of December 3, 2020:

Please share the below protocols with your child in a way that feels appropriate to you. We ask that everyone does this together, and we respect the varied comfort levels of everyone in our community. We recognize that even a small cold is a huge inconvenience these days, so if we can do these few simple things, we will be able to stay well, stay open and keep active through the winter! 

We are committed to remaining open and continue to practice CDC recommended COVID19 procedures in our facilities. Our safety plan includes increased deep cleaning and sanitation with qualified cleaning products, small class sizes well below our room-capacity limits, frequent handwashing, floor markings for social distancing, pre-class health checks, masks in common areas, and requirement for students to stay home and join us via Zoom when sick. We have non-porous, antibacterial floors which we diligently care for and clean regularly. Our dedicated, high-quality air system replaces all of the air in our space every hour. All teachers are well supported by our faculty substitutes to stay home when unwell, and we continue to offer classes via zoom for any student who prefers to dance from home.

Please review our safety plan here:

Thank you for helping us remain in business! We love dancing and playing with you all.

For more guidance related to COVID19 procedures: