Warmland Youth Company

What is Youth Company?

The Warmland Youth Company was formed as a competitive opportunity, bringing together skilled, committed dancers in an intensive and dynamic choreography-based program. Dancers will train and collaborate in an enriched environment, exclusively with world class choreographers. These dancers are highly driven, build confidence, and develop leadership skills to inspire others through a variety of performances, competitions and workshops. Company members are expected to represent Warmland Dance in the greater community with a positive attitude, and high level of ethic.


Company is by audition only. Students are invited to audition if they have trained for at least two consecutive years in either of classical ballet or jazz at grade 3 or higher, (or equivalent, at the discretion of the Artistic Director).

What is the Commitment?

Warmland Youth Company members:

1. Must be available for twice weekly rehearsals as necessary.

2. Sr. members must enroll in a minimum of one technique (Ballet or Jazz) class / Jr. members must enroll in Ballet. 

3. All company members must train in at least one additional dance style of their choice.

4. All company members must attend at least one Progressing Ballet Technique (PBT) or other approved conditioning class per week (outside activities may be considered).

Additional Expectations

1. Dancers may not miss any rehearsals for which they are called, and must uphold excellent attendance in all classes.

2. Dancers must maintain good academic standing in their educational pursuits.

3. Dancers must wear proper attire at all times.

4. Dancers must demonstrate positive attitude, healthy camaraderie, ongoing hard work and commitment to improvement in rehearsals and classes.

5. Dancers will not train, perform or audition with any other competitive organization outside of Warmland Dance.

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